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Park Model Spaces

How do your park model spaces work?

Woodfield's park model spaces are rental spaces.  The annual lease cost is $4,300.  Woodfield is open May 1st through October 31st.  

What does the $4,300 cost include?

The lease cost includes water, sewer, trash and wifi internet.

What about electric and cable?

Electric is metered and billed separately every month.  Each space is cable ready.  Tenants must contact Sparklight to sign up for cable service.

What are the benefits to leasing a space at Woodfield as opposed to purchasing my own lot?

Leasing a space at Woodfield saves you property tax fees.  As opposed to most park model communities, Woodfield does not have an HOA which allows you to save money there also.

Can I bring my own park model?

No.  Careful thought and planning has been put into the creation of the Woodfield community.  Woodfield has been designed to integrate architecture, landscape and lifestyle amenities with the beautiful natural environment in which Woodfield lives.  In order to stay true to that vision, only the park models that Woodfield sells are allowed in the community.

Do you allow destination trailers?

No, we do not allow destination trailers.

Annual lease $3,900
Open May 1st - October 31st

What does it include?
Water, sewer, trash, Wifi

Compare it to year round ownership...
No Propery Taxes
No HOA fees

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