Park Model Homes

RV Resort

At Woodfield, we understand the importance of keeping a campground community that is quiet and relaxing for all its residents. We also know that having park model homes can still be affordable even if the surrounding scenery is breathtakingly lovely. That is why we offer fantastic park model homes at prices that won’t make your bank account pretend it doesn’t know you when the other bank accounts ask who he’s been hanging out with. Our spaces come in several different sizes, offering prospective buyers and renters a multitude of different mobile home site options.

We also have a staff of friendly and helpful people, ready at a moment’s notice to help you find that perfect park model homes. This fantastic campground is perfect for those of you who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the loud cities and settle in to a nice and rather whimsical community out here in the nature-filled countryside. We have great, well-kept park model homes at prices that will make both you and your wallet look back on your current rental situation and laugh to yourselves. We offer a truly great living experience at a much lower cost than other RV parks.