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Thriving in Community at Woodfield: Activities, Groups, and Social Gatherings that Make Life Rich with Fun & Friendship

Updated: Mar 12

So many visitors to Woodfield become seasonal or year-round residents because they absolutely fall in love with the genuine neighborly warmth, the tightknit feeling of the community, and the countless fun activities and events! No matter what your personal interests, there’s truly something for everyone here

Enjoy themed "Family Dinners" where everyone brings a delicious dish to share (a great chance to showcase your culinary skills), or participate in our monthly Grill & Share events for some mouthwatering barbecue fun at the Woodfield Pavilion. Relive the magic of classic movies at Summer Movie Nights or test your luck and win big at our weekly Bingo tournaments. Hint: Bingo tournments at Woodfield are particularly lively, with prizes and a lot of laughter.

For those keen on staying active, our Line Dancing sessions cater to both beginners and experienced dancers, offering a fun way to keep fit, while our Stretch Class ensures residents can maintain flexibility and wellness multiple times a week. Stay fit with friends by joining in Zumba classes or Walk to the Beat too!

Dive into the world of literature with Woodfield Readers Book Club. Enjoy cards? Bring your A-game and get ready to shuffle, deal, and play your way to victory at Poker Night, Samba, and other weekly card games. Step into the world of Mahjong, where strategy meets excitement as you match tiles, form winning hands, and immerse yourself in this ancient game of skill and strategy.

For those looking to socialize over shared interests, the Women of Woodfield group offers a welcoming space for conversation and camaraderie over a glass of wine every Wednesday. Similarly, the Boys & Beer group provides a laid-back atmosphere for relaxed "guy time" and fellowship.

Creative spirits will find their tribe at the weekly Craft Together sessions , where residents bring various projects to work on in a friendly, communal setting. Additionally, quilting enthusiasts gather every week to stitch and chat, creating both beautiful quilts and lasting friendships.

Through these and other activities, Woodfield residents take pride in building a close-knit community where everyone feels connected, engaged, and part of a vibrant social fabric.

These gatherings are a cornerstone of our community, offering a chance for residents to engage socially, forge new relationships, and strengthen the neighborly bonds that make Woodfield special.

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